Goodbye Oncologist

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My oncologist left. I had a different oncologist in the beginning. A search on my insurance’s in-network doctors sorted by distance from my house gave me my first oncologist. He was fine. There was nothing wrong with him. But my autologous stem cell transplant introduced me to another oncologist — and his team, and his hospital — whom I liked working with a lot more and felt a lot more comfortable that he was looking out for my interests while also staying up to date on all the latest.

Also, he worked for a teaching and research university hospital. One of the people in one of the many myeloma groups that I stalked looking for information said that when it comes to cancer you want to be closest to the research. A research hospital is about as close to the research as you can get with moving to Texas, or whatever.

Through all the complications I had after my transplant, to where I am today (MRD-) he has been the one constant.

Now, he’s leaving. Off to pharmaceuticals, I hear. I hope it’s research and I wish him well, but I feel like I’ve lost a friend, and a really trusted doctor. I already know my new oncologist. He was the attending during one of the weeks I spent in the hospital and some of my treatments were his idea, so it will all be fine.

Just, right now, it feels kind of depressing.

Fine, good enough. I’m done searching for the right stock photo.

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